lacma 2012

LACMA Art + Film Gala

Accompanying the lovely and talented Evan Rachel Wood in Los Angeles, Oct 27, 2012


There are times in life when one starts to hear a certain hum. It begins as a faint buzz that can occasionally be tuned out, but then crescendoes to a... read more →
James Murphy

the big THREE

Best new restaurants!  Top sports plays of the week! 100 greatest guitarists of all time! There seems to be an awful lot of lists these days so I guess I'll... read more →

GALA week

When I decided to take some time off from the Met Opera this year, I naturally presumed that my wardrobe would do the same. Fewer tuxedos and more hoodies. Fewer... read more →

land of the RISING SUN

Sorta like the Olympics, the World Cup, or a Presidential Election (unless you live under the rule of a brutal dictator) The Metropolitan Opera visits the island nation of Japan every... read more →
I wanna play violin!

SCARY samples

Just as Garageband and an iPad can turn the average 10 year old into a musical genius- "Honey look!  Little Jimmy has recorded a full length pop album without even... read more →
Wabbits Session

Avatar Studios

Apparently a deep moment of reflection while conducting members of The New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera Orchestra for the GEICO Wabbits session.  Avatar Studios, 2009


Ogunquit Beach, ME, 2009
Town Hall

Auckland Philharmonia

Performing with the Auckland Philharmonia at Town Hall. Auckland, New Zealand, 2005